Get Makeup Classic Hollywood Look

Get Makeup Classic Hollywood Look – Which is identical to classic style including Eye Stylers, Glamour Eye Shadows, Art Couture Lash Volumizers and Lip Lacquers, in a number of shades. And how to get classic hollywood look ? let’s try this tutorial :

  1. Outline your eyes with dark eyeliner or dark eyeshadow . Don’t make the line too thick, but do go all the way around. If you’re new to the look, go very easy on your bottom lid. Thicken the line at the outside corners of your eyes and roughly the outside half of your eyes. Don’t put anything more on the inside corners.
  2. Swipe gold eyeshadow on the inside corners and any part of your lids untouched by black shadow. This will glam up and even out the look.
  3. Choose lipstick and lip liner in a red shade with a slightly dark tint to it. Color in your whole lip with lip liner, then swipe the lipstick on. This will prevent feathering out and fading.
  4. Give yourself the original Hollywood look of glossy hair waves. Blow-dry your hair. Spray your hairbrush with hairspray and brush through your hair to smooth it down. Spritz a light glossing of hairspray over your locks, then brush that through as well. For waves, create a ponytail and twist the hair, blow-drying and rubbing your hands over the twist. Once it cools, finger-comb the twist out, and you’ll have beautiful waves.
  5. Do not underestimate the power of the curler, if you want to go for curls instead of waves. Blow-dry your hair and set it in large curlers. Once the curls have set, you can either pin the curls up (follow the natural wave of each curl and pin it to your scalp) or finger-comb the curls out for full, lustrous, screen-siren hair.
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Used Maternity Clothes Superstore!

What are the Benefits of Used Maternity Clothes?

When you get pregnant, the clothes stop fitting. The only option left is to purchase maternity clothes that are made to accommodate your bump. There are plenty of styles and new clothes that one can wear for maternity, but the problem is that most are expensive. Pregnancy is temporary and you may not have another child right away, if ever again. Because of this, it would be tough to justify filling up your closet with expensive maternity. SAVE HUGE buying second hand maternity. Most maternity clothing is not worn for long periods of time. As a result, they still look new and can be had at low prices.

The most viable and worthwhile option that is available is to buy second hand maternity clothes. There are many women who want to get rid of their good condition clothing by selling through a consignment maternity clothes shop. Women who are looking for maternity outfits have plenty of options to choose from because the items are unique and one of a kind. New items available from retailers may only have 20 different styles, but at Belly Go Round we have well over one thousand items to choose from. Gone are the days when maternity clothing was perceived to be loose, boring, and unattractive.

You’re also helping the environment by purchasing or consigning preowned maternity clothes.

Where can you buy quality used maternity clothes?

Major clothing stores do not sell pre-owned or consignment maternity clothes. You will only have new clothes available to buy at hefty prices. How many of these new clothes will you be able to buy and fill up your wardrobe? It will cost you a small fortune.

Belly Go Round is the leading specialist of pre-owned and consignment maternity clothes at low prices. Our store is based in Arizona,  but shopping can also be done online. We have a wide collection and better selection of used maternity clothes that are still in excellent condition. If you are looking to save big on discount maternity clothes, Belly Go Round is the best place to find excellent prices and the best selection.

Belly Go Round has unique clothes for maternity that women will find comfortable and convenient. There are plenty of consignment maternity clothes for selection at affordable prices. Items are in good used condition. Cloth steamer is a device used for quickly removing wrinkles from garments.

With used maternity clothes from Belly Go Round, you can start building your maternity wardrobe now! You can choose from a wide range of tops, jeans, pants, shorts, nursing clothes and dresses. Whether you want apparel for spring, summer, or winter, Belly Go Round has a wide selection of these clothes at your fingertips.

Enjoy your pregnancy with affordable trendy maternity clothes….

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How the Family and Medical Leave Act Helped Change Maternity Fashion

Today, we couldn’t imagine hearing of a woman being fired after becoming pregnant, not blatantly anyway.  But not too long ago,  that was exactly what happened to many women. Businesses had no obligation to secure the job position until after the employee delivered her baby and recovered to return to work. As a result of this, many working women tried to hide their pregnancy by wearing less than appealing attire. Pregnancy was to be concealed, not celebrated, at least in the workplace.

And then…..

in 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act, which provided job protected leave for 12 weeks in the event of medical emergency and pregnancies. Perhaps not coincidentally, maternity fashion in the 90’s saw a shift from unflattering articles (example above) to more form fitting and fashionable clothing. No longer living with fear of being terminated for needing time off for their pregnancy, women became more open with their maternity wear. This is not to imply that maternity fashion evolved solely because of the FMLA, but it might have helped pave the way…
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