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    About Detian

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    Corporate Information

    Changxing Detian Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

    Changxing Detian Construction Machinery Co., Ltd (DT) locates in the Chengnan Industrial Functional Zone, Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is National level Industrial Zone, which has good and complete facilities. There is convenient transportation, it is near to S11 expressway. It is only 30 minutes to Huzhou high-speed railway Station, and about 2 hours to Hangzhou Airport and Pudong Airport by car. It is very convenient for business travel.

    The registration capital is 40 million yuan. We have the standard workshops which is more than 20,000 square meters, they can meet the production requirement for the annual output of more than 10,000 tons.

    We specialize in the production, sales and service for bucket tooth, adapter,half arrow,end bit and wear plate / block. We can provide optional wear-resistant products for various types of front shovel, excavators, bulldozers, loaders and dredgers. Our business covers construction, mining, dredging and other industries.

    Wear resistant parts are produced by sodium silicate precision casting and alkali phenolic resin sand process. Among them, the precision casting uses automatic shell making line operation, which can produce less than 60kgs products. While the alkali phenolic resin sand process is used for each weight not more than 500kgs products. The bucket tooth, half arrow,end bit and wear plate are made of HBW500 hardness material. While high requirement tooth and wear-resistant products are made of HBW550 hardness material. Both materials have excellent impact toughness at - 40 ℃. The adapter and wear-resistant products to be welded are made of HBW400 material.

    Our corporate insist on “innovative idea, pursuing excellency, rapid improvement and forever business” as our business idea, the “Quality First” and “Customer Satisfaction” as our purpose, “Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Team” as the pursuit and objectives. We wish to work with all of you to create a better future!

    • Corporate Ideas
    • Corporate Mission
    • Corporate Vision
    • Corporate Sprite

    Efficient, Strict, Innovative, Striving

    Study Idea --- Specialized study, endless study, studying for practice.

    Management Idea ---Clarifying target, improving system, focusing on details, enhancing implementation

    Talent Idea ---Cultivating people with posts, building talents with business, full play of talents, full play of capabilities

    Business Idea --- Customer-oriented, innovation-motivated, optimized resource allocation, persisting scientific development

    Market Idea --- Seeking for development with competition, chasing for wining with cooperation

    Create Value for Customers and Push Development of Corporate

    Create value for customers——Outstanding products and excellent service are the forever promise of Detian to our customers. Detian devotes to grow up and share benefit with customers. We would create the maximal value for our customers to help them to go to higher and bigger stage.

    Seek welfare for employees——Employees contribute their labor, creation and intelligence to our corporate, and they are the creator of corporate wealth. Detian always devotes to share the development achievement of employees to find the feeling of home and to feel the warmth of team.

    People -oriented, Develop Innovation, Pursue Excellency

    Our employees would always be loyal to country, corporate and their vocational qualification, and they would spare no effort to implement the lean production and refined service. In the future, Detian will keep having industrial structure adjustment and transform upgrading. Under the reason market and regional layout, we will form a strong industrial chain with vertical and horizontal expansion. In the future, Detian will be one of leader among peers at home and abroad in the manufacturing process and technology. We devote to build our corporate to be a modernized corporate group with the international standard level in management, service, process, technology and quality.

    Based on Small, Hard Pioneering Work, Worry First and Happiness Later

    The so-called corporate sprite is also the sprite of corporate persons. It means to achieve the basic target of corporate, and it is the sprite that each Detian member needs to carry forward. It is also the sprite formed and concluded by the corporate in the development of past few decades. It is the most important mental wealth of Detian. Based on Small: This is a sprite formed by blood relationship and geographical relationship during the process of the corporate to begin from zero to one. However, we finish the accumulation of original capital with certain strength and scale, but we should still keep the sprite in mind and we should carry it forward.


    1、The refined design of front and rear weight ratio would ensure the strength and would try to distribute the weight in tooth, so as to improve the wear resistance of the tooth.

    2、Hence, the thickening design of outer edge of bucket tooth cavity could enhance the strength of bucket booth to reduce the breaking.

    3、The center and surface of bucket tooth are in the same hardness, and the whole intersection of bucket booth is hardening.

    4、All bucket teeth and tooth base gates are specially designed. The knockout processing is differ to the gas cutting treatment of most manufacturers, so as to get rid of gate crack and to reduce risk of fracture.

    5、The middle interaction of bucket tooth and tooth base, the middle part and surface part are in the same hardness. The whole intersection of bucket tooth (tooth base) is hardening.

    Meet customization and personalization needs
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