Making a choice between the many different brands of gun safe can be difficult – you want to get the best safe for your money, but you also want to be sure that your firearms collection is secure.  Besides the value of the guns themselves, you also have to consider that a gun safe will protect those who may not be responsible enough to handle guns, such as children.  Even if you have no children in your home, friends and relatives could well bring youngsters when they visit, and the natural curiosity of children can sometimes get them into trouble.  One of the best ways to preserve both life and limb and your guns is with a Winchester Gun Safe.

Winchester Gun Safe

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Keeping Your Gun Collection Safe

Besides the possibility of harm to children, your guns can also be threatened by both burglars and fire.  It has been estimated that most burglars will spend less than 8 minutes inside a home they are robbing; they want to get in and out fast before they are caught.  If your guns are simply on a rack in your family room or even in a closet, it is probable that a thief will scoop them up and be out fast.  A Winchester gun safe, on the other hand, will help to foil a burglar as the steel plating, heavy bolts, recessed door, and UL tested locking mechanism are designed to keep your guns in the safe, and not in the hands of a thief.

No one wants to imagine a house fire occurring in their home, but it can happen.  Firearms will represent a significant investment and can be destroyed should there be a fire.  A Winchester gun safe will help protect your collection from house fires for a significant length of time.  Most house fires will do their ‘work’ within a short period, so the safeguards built into every Winchester will certainly be adequate to keep your guns and other valuables safe.

The Winchester Line

Whether you enjoy hunting, have guns for home protection, or just look upon firearms as works of art, you will find a Winchester that will be perfect for you.  These classic gun safes will look good in any room.

  • If space is at a premium in your home and your gun collection is relatively small, you’ll find that the Winchester Deputy 12-11 Gun Safe will fit your requirements.  This safe will hold up to 14 long guns, and is not only made from 14 gauge steel, but is drill resistant, and can stand up to 20 minutes of a 1,200 degree fire.  A convenient top shelf lets you store handguns or valuables, too.
  • The Winchester Ranger 30 offers you a step up when you need a larger storage area than that provided by the Deputy.  This Winchester series will allow you to store 30 long guns safely.  The digital lock makes sure that only you and others you designate will be able to access the guns, and a fire rating of 1,400 degrees for one hour will help assure that your guns will come through a fire unscathed.
  • Those who have invested a lot of money into an extensive gun collection will appreciate the capacity of the Winchester Big Daddy Fire Resistant Gun Safe.  There’s plenty of space for 54 long guns in this safe and it gives you peace of mind knowing that it can protect your guns from a 1,400 degree fire for an hour and fifteen minutes.  You also have the option of having either a combination or digital lock installed.  The inside is carpeted to protect your guns from scratches and dings, and a door organizer helps you keep handguns and other accessories neat and handy.  The Big Daddy gives you a whopping 36.5 cubic feet of storage space.

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