First of all I would like you all to put a smile on your face while reading this as I did while writing these interesting things about smiling or say, laughing. After smiling brightly and brilliantly for nearly two decade I have found that smiling actually makes everything around look beautiful and healthy.

If you want a totally free and plain way to boost your spirits and your health, then go smiling and laughing as much as possible. It allows you to get swept away with good humor, and is alsobeneficial to the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, central nervous system and for your overall health too. Believe me I smile all day.

There are stages and mood swings to our smiles – when we’re angry, when we’re tense, when we are in a party, when we’re with family, when we’re being photographed and in a lot more situations too.  We smile so often and so promiscuously but this little smile lightens the load and diffuses unpleasantness.

It’s always said People associate you with your smile, it’s the essence of you.

You would even be amazed to how much brighter things can become when you look at them with smiling eyes. The smile may have a little connection to what we are feeling at that moment, and sometimes a smile tells it all without uttering a word.

While writing this a very beautiful and encouraging thought by “Mother Teresa” crossed my mind which is, “Peace begins with a smile”. So smile smile and just keep smiling for more Peace within and outside you.

A smile can rule it all, the hatred, the displeasures, and even your health too !

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